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One Degree Wednesday September 8 2021

Inside Levi’s digital strategy

For a brand like Levi’s, staying relevant for future generations can be a challenge. Technology and trends move quickly every day, which means even a 130-year-old company can’t rest on its laurels. Being agile, pivoting to change, and giving customers what they want are all essential pieces of the puzzle. In this re-release of Retail Gets Real from May 11, 2021, Marc Rosen, president of Levi Strauss Americas, discusses how the company uses data to understand consumers, drive personalization and solidify the brand’s role as a staple in American culture.


Google Is Paying Apple $15 Billion per Year To Be Default Search Engine on Devices, Says Investment Analyst

Investment analyst Toni Sacconaghi, senior research analyst with AB Bernstein and regular guest on CNBC, made waves last week with an investor note claiming that Google is making massive annual payments to Apple to be placed as the default search engine on its devices.


The Taliban embrace social media: ‘We too want to change perceptions’

In early May, as US and Nato forces began their final withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban stepped up their military offensive against Afghan national security forces.


Drive more traffic to your website: A beginner’s guide to SEO

If you have a website for your brand but it’s not getting the attention it deserves, you might have realised already that the not-so-secret answer to your business needs is to optimise your search engine rankings. Having your website appear higher up in Google search results will inevitably drive more traffic to your brand, ultimately helping you to build out a robust content marketing strategy and a base of loyal customers



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