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One Degree Friday September 17 2021

How do I get my vaccine passport? Where will I need to show it?

Card, certificate or passport: call it what you want. Just as driver’s licences are required to get behind the steering wheel of a car, more and more provinces are requiring proof of vaccination for those wanting to work out at an indoor gym or eat a meal inside a restaurant. While essential activities such as buying food or voting in the federal elections are exempt, many regular activities will be off limits for those without vaccine passports.


This German startup lets you attend 3D trade shows in your browser

A German startup aims to make virtual experiences like 3D online trade shows available to organizations around the world, with nothing more needed to access them than an ordinary desktop or smartphone web browser.


The new Google Cloud region in Toronto is now open

For over a decade, we’ve been investing in Canada to become a go-to cloud partner for organizations across the country. Whether they’re in financial services, media and entertainment, retail, telecommunications or the public sector, a rapidly growing number of organizations located or operating in Canada are choosing Google Cloud to help them build applications better and faster, store data, and deliver awesome experiences to their users, all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. To support this growing customer base, we’re excited to announce that the new Google Cloud region in Toronto is now open.


Leading under pressure

Pressure is a goad. Whether it arrives in the guise of a burning platform or a project deadline, a strategic goal or a performance target, a high-stakes deal or an aggressive competitor, pressure can help leaders attain new heights of performance and achievement. You know the adage: no pressure, no diamonds.



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