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One Degree Thursday September 16 2021

Small Business Video: 8 Creative Ways Your Small Business Can Leverage Video Marketing

Ready to elevate your small business today? Then it’s time to get serious about video marketing. Don’t worry: you don’t need a scriptwriter, film crew, and headstrong director to create compelling videos. In fact, all you need is right here in this small business video marketing tips guide.


Blogger Outreach: How to Do It Successfully in 2021 (Complete Guide)

You’ve built something great, and you want to spread the word about it.

While your family and friends already share posts on social media about your new launch, you want to go beyond and get even more visibility and more relevant traffic.


Canada’s Cannabis Industry Sales Expected to Run from $3.1 Billion to $10.1 Billion by 2025

The cannabis boom is thriving in Canada. So much so, the industry is expected to balloon from $31.5 billion in 2020 revenue to $10.1 billion by 2025. Helping, sales growth for vape pens is expected to run from 3.9% in 2019 to more than 18% by 2022. Edibles are expected to increase from 1% sales growth to 9%, as topicals run from 0% to about 1%. In addition, sales are seeing higher highs. In June 2021, Canadian cannabis sales were up 59% in June to $319 million. That was after 68% cannabis sales growth for May 2021. One of the companies benefiting from that wild growth is Ayurcann Holdings Corp. (CSE: AYUR)(FSE:3ZQ0), a leading post-harvest solution provider with a focus on providing. and creating custom processes and pharma grade Products for the adult use and medical cannabis industry in Canada.


Consumers should be mindful of companies’ greenwashed marketing techniques

With expensive price tags attached to products marketed as “eco-friendly,” leading a sustainable lifestyle can seem unattainable to people on a budget. Dishonest companies are often the root of this issue, making sustainability feel like a luxury.


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