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One Degree Wednesday September 22 2021

Canada’s digital divide is stark — and rural residents say fixing it must be an election priority

Paul McLauchlin says as president of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, he’d expect to spend all of his time talking about agriculture. But another topic is front of mind (he’s had five meetings about it this week) — internet access. “There’s literally people in this province that do not have access to any broadband,” McLauchlin said.


Google Meet will automatically adjust webcam brightness in your browser

Google Meet will soon make it easier for you to see all of your co-workers or friends properly on video calls. The web version of the app can detect when someone is underexposed due to bad lighting. Meet will then increase the brightness so it’s easier to see your cohorts and perhaps make your feed clearer if you have a terrible webcam.


Social media challenge brings increase in school vandalism

According to digital anthropologist Giles Crouch, the TikTok social media trend known as “The Devious Licks challenge” is spreading quickly online.

“It is going down to Latin America and it worked up to Canada very quickly,” said Crouch. “This is being seen all across Canada.”


Over the past few weeks, analysts and political advisers have repeatedly told me that Monday’s vote, which cost 600 million Canadian dollars to hold, would produce a Parliament that looked pretty much like the one Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dissolved in August.



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