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One Degree Friday September 24 2021

What Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have promised Canadians in their new mandate

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won re-election on Sept. 21, 2021 and will lead for the next 18 months with a minority government. The party made dozens of promises during the 36-day campaign. Here’s the full rundown of the Liberals’ new mandate as they lead the 44th Parliament.


The fourth industrial revolution in agriculture

Do all cows’ faces look the same to you? They don’t to systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Bovine facial recognition technology, developed through a strategic partnership between Cargill and an Irish technology company called Cainthus, equips barns and fields with smart cameras that can identify each cow in a herd in seconds based on facial features and hide patterns. Linked to machine learning software, the system determines whether a cow isn’t eating or drinking enough, or if she’s sick, and can alert the farmer via smartphone app. It can also look at the whole herd’s behavior to identify how best to distribute feed or schedule cows’ stints in a specific pen or in the field. Over time, the platform learns from what it sees and begins to automate more of the daily care for each animal.


Why Loblaw is avoiding the hard sell in its new content series

“Half Full” is a four part long-form docuseries that dives into the issue, be it through profiling companies like Oreka (which feeds discarded food to black soldier fly larvae to make premium-grade animal feed), examining the roles retailers play in reducing food waste or simply giving consumers tip on how to reduce waste in their own homes.


‘The world is looking at our talent’: How will Canada fare in the global competition for tech workers?

This is part one of The Logic’s in-depth series exploring how Canada is faring in the global competition for tech talent, as economies reopen and companies and governments jockey for advantage in a remote-work world. OTTAWA — There’s a custom at Ada’s regular company-wide virtual meetings, in which colleagues praise each other for actions that embody the chatbot scale-up’s ethos. These days, those plaudits are coming in from far beyond its Toronto headquarters, as seen earlier this year from a member of the sales team. “He’s walking in northern British Columbia, in the forest with his dog, and he’s doing a shoutout from this, just, majestic landscape,” recalled CEO Mike Murchison.





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