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One Degree Thursday October 7 2021

How I got clients to pay upfront

Most of us small business owners and freelancers share two big fears that keep us up at night. The first is not having enough clients. The second is not getting paid by our clients.

There’s nothing more frustrating and soul-destroying than having worked hard to provide a client with an agreed-upon service or product, only to have them either ghost at the payment stage, delay settling the invoice, or flat out refuse to pay fees entirely.


A text message routing company suffered a five-year-long breach

Syniverse, a telecom company that helps carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T route messages between each other and other carriers abroad, disclosed last week that it was the subject of a possible five year long hack. If the name Syniverse sounds familiar, the company was also responsible for the disappearance of a swath of Valentine’s Day text messages in 2019.


The Facebook whistleblower says its algorithms are dangerous. Here’s why.

On Sunday night, the primary source for the Wall Street Journal’s Facebook Files, an investigative series based on internal Facebook documents, revealed her identity in an episode of 60 Minutes.

Frances Haugen, a former product manager at the company, says she came forward after she saw Facebook’s leadership repeatedly prioritize profit over safety.



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