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One Degree Friday October 8 2021

Instagram fuels both body-image issues and social connections, teen girls say

For 17-year-old Toronto student Scarlett Pourmatin, Instagram has been a bit of a mixed bag. It has provided the opportunity to be part of a larger social network, exchange information and share experiences with her peers.


4 Things You NEED to Build the Perfect Twitter Strategy

Twitter’s platform doesn’t necessarily fit with conventional marketing. As robust of an ad platform as other social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are, Twitter is built entirely different. The lesser emphasis on paid media, the character limit for tweets, and the short content lifespan makes even your best tweets come and go in only a few hours. On the surface, it’s understandable why some marketers look at Twitter and say, “this isn’t worth my time.”


Ottawa urged to crack down on Facebook after bombshell whistleblower testimony before U.S. Senate

Startling testimony delivered this week by a former Facebook employee should spur Ottawa to rein in the social media giant with tougher and more comprehensive regulations, say technology experts and people fighting against online hate.


The art of conducting a digital transformation

A digital transformation is like an orchestra. Stay with me here. It’s a metaphor that works surprisingly well to explain why some transformations get stuck in a cacophony of muddled goals and why others smoothly crescendo into a digitally-enabled, thriving business.


5 Reasons to Add YouTube Shorts to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketers must contend with an all-new, promising marketing platform being released every few months. It often seems as though marketers don’t even get sufficient time to evaluate the various merits and tradeoffs associated with one new platform before something else comes along to supplant it.


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