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One Degree Wednesday October 13 2021

How to Get Your First 10 Clients

Are you ready to turn your digital marketing contractor-work into a sustainable business? Then you need to hit the ten-client mark! To help with that, we’ve created a three step process to get you your first ten clients. And not just any clients.


Google TV is adding personalized profiles and watchlists soon

Google TV is making finding something to watch in a multiuser household a whole lot less chaotic by adding custom profiles, watchlists, and personalized Google Assistant help.


Briant: Canadian military’s bungled propaganda campaigns should be a lesson across NATO

Several Canadian Forces investigations into domestic propaganda and influence operations recently concluded with the results pointing to findings that should concern both Canadians as well as members of the public in other democracies. Those investigations focused on a series of oversight and policy failures on military “influence” activities aimed at Canadians.



In 2014, the executives at a brand-new start-up called Andela made a decision whose consequences they would only understand much later. Andela’s model was to recruit and train promising African engineers, then place them at Western tech firms, which meant its employees and clients were scattered across time zones; it desperately needed a way for its distributed workforce to share information and make decisions easily and asynchronously, ideally without subjecting anyone to a deluge of emails. So the company started using Slack.



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