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One Degree Tuesday October 19 2021

Everything Apple Announced Today—Including a New MacBook Pro

IPHONES AND IPADS shared the limelight on Apple’s virtual stage in September, but the company’s October “Unleashed” event focused on all things Mac. Today, Apple announced a redesigned MacBook Pro in two sizes, both of which are powered by its newest M1 Pro or M1 Max chips. Apple also took the wraps off its third-generation AirPods.


What is a Good Average Open Rate for Email Marketing?

No matter what industry you are in, there’s little doubt that email marketing is still invaluable. This is true, despite the fact that many of us get a lot of emails every day. Besides, email programs increasingly distinguish between commercial content and things that require immediate attention.


UX design has a dirty secret

It happens when designers are asked to pretend to do the work of design and aren’t actually permitted to do the work of design. It happens when we are asked to conduct research that never gets used. When we deliver findings that get shelved because they don’t align with executive or shareholder expectations. When we’re asked to facilitate workshops in which staff pretend to be users because it’s cheaper and faster than doing research with actual users. Or when we only get to review the design when the product is about to hit the street, and it’s much too late for any actual design improvements.


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