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Five Longest Flights in The World

Commercial airlines have established several very long nonstop flights over time. These particularly extensive routes minimize the time it takes to travel between distant city pairs and the number of stops passengers must make, resulting in greater passenger convenience.

Perth – London

QF9 is a Qantas flight that connects Australia Perth Airport, Perth with United Kingdom London Heathrow Airport, London. It flies 9,010 miles during 17 hours and 20 minutes. The plane Boeing B787-900 includes 236 seats in the Economy, Eco+, and Business classes. This flight is the fastest one that has ever occurred between UK and Australia. It’s also the first nonstop link between Europe and Australia in the history of aviation.

If you get stuck at the Perth airport, which is common due to the strict Australian border controller, you’re lucky it’s not in the middle of nowhere. The Crown Casino in Burswood, just 7 kilometres from Perth Airport, is where the action never stops. There are a variety of casino games, bars, lounges, restaurants, and even a Spa. You can watch all those long flights taking off and landing above you while at the same time you can play real live roulette. Then, when the time comes for your plane to take off, you’re close enough to return to the airport simply.

Auckland – Dubai

Airbus A380-800 flies from Auckland to Dubai for approximately 17 hours 5 minutes through 8,824 miles. Passing on the A380 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience unmatched levels of in-flight comfort, from first class to economy. The world’s most extensive passenger aeroplane cabin allows passengers to stretch out in the widest seats while relaxing in a pleasant environment.


Qatar Airways Flight QR 921 flies 9,032 miles for about 17 hours, 40 minutes. It takes off from Auckland Airport AKL and lands at Doha Hamad International Airport DOH. For this flight, Qatar Airways uses its Boeing B777-200LR planes to fly this route regularly. It features 272 seats in the Business and the Economy class. This aeroplane travels over a whopping ten time zones!

Los Angeles – Singapore

The flight from Los Angeles to Singapore lasts for about 17 hours and 50 minutes. The Boeing 787-9 aircraft flies 8,770 miles to reach the destination. United’s nonstop Dreamliner service has 252 seats: 88 premium economy seats, 48 in business class, and 116 economy seats. On United’s Polaris flights from Los Angeles to Singapore, travellers can have serve-yourself snacks and expect a breakfast before arrival and a four-course dinner.

Singapore – New York

The Airbus A350-900ULR with the flight number SQ 22 flies 9,540 miles. It has a scheduled flight time of 17 hours, 50 minutes. Singapore Airlines used to fly this route with its A340-500 aircraft, which took 18 hours and 50 minutes to complete. However, because of increased fuel prices, the service got cancelled in 2013. The A350-900ULR presently only has the premium Economy and Business class seats on this restored route.

As you saw, we’ve come a long way (pun intended) from the first scheduled commercial passenger flight back in 1914. Then, that flight flew only 21 miles (!!). Since then, records for the longest flight are continuing to push new boundaries. These flights are so long that you could watch the entire Hobbit trilogy and Lord of the Rings trilogy and still have time to spare.


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