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One Degree Tuesday November 2 2021

Two Liberal MNAs stripped of their roles after social media squabble

Two Liberal MNAs have been demoted as party critics following a public quarrel on social media Wednesday.

Marie Montpetit is no longer in the Liberal shadow cabinet as Health Critic, a role party leader Dominique Anglade will now undertake.


Build an Effective Social Media Plan in 5 Simple Steps

Every company can benefit from social media marketing to increase customer engagement, sales, and brand awareness. However, many organizations maintain a social media presence only because they think they need one – without driving any measurable results.


10 Creative Ideas For Your Christmas Digital Marketing

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts, but it’s also the most expensive season for retailers. With more people online shopping this year than ever before, there are some great ways to promote your business and increase sales during the holidays.


Canadian accountants show backbone in new CPA ad campaign

A new advertising campaign promoting chartered professional accountants as the “backbone” of a Canadian economic recovery launched this past week and will run into the winter. The campaign’s tag line and theme is “Lean on us, lead with us” and highlights CPAs as Canada’s “safety net for business integrity.” The accompanying microsite at positions CPAs as playing a fundamental role as trusted advisors during the uncertain times.


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