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One Degree Friday November 12 2021

Why digital writing tools are a ‘double-edged sword’ for dyslexic kids

After watching his youngest son beg to draw on a family friend’s iPad, father Joseph Turner grabbed a screenshot of the alphabet and uploaded it to a drawing program on his Surface laptop. Then he handed his son a stylus and showed him how to trace the letters.


Climate Challenge Cup innovation showcase and awards | #COP26 (VIDEO)

Full-dome digital projections allow us to visit engineering marvels from history and explore the pros and cons of modern life. Learn how the Engineering Design Process can spark our imagination for sustainability solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.


Prioritizing digital transformation in the charitable sector is critical to future success

CanadaHelps aims to build the capacity of the charitable sector through technology and education. Since it was founded in 2000, more than three million Canadians have donated nearly $2-billion to charities using its online platform for donating and fundraising.


Pull up a seat: building a safe digital future with cybersecurity experts at the table

In the haste to equip remote workforces with the right resources at the height of the pandemic, businesses and government organizations launched new consumer-facing technologies and cloud-based tools to remain productive and efficient.



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