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One Degree Friday November 19 2021

Africa is embracing technology, innovation, entrepreneurship

As Africa slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, public and private sector leaders are looking for ways to ensure sustainable economic expansion, focusing on investment and partnership rather than aid and dependency.

A key element of this healthier, long-term development for the continent is innovation, linked to such important sectors as technology and entrepreneurship, which the government of South Africa recently said are all “vital for boosting economic growth and reducing social inequality.”


How Rethink Conquered the Canadian Ad Scene

They say you should manifest your dreams, no matter how audacious. So three years ago, Aaron Starkman and his leadership colleagues put theirs in writing. The goal was one any Canadian could appreciate: a hat trick.


Digital Out-of-Home and Online Advertising to Reap the Most Benefit with the Decline of Third-Party Cookies, Alfi Audience Research Finds

The majority of the global browser markethas now phased out third-party cookies in response to protecting users’ privacy and personalizing a connection with the modern consumer. With Google Chrome, which controls the majority of the global browser market, following suit next year, 65.15% of the browser market will be open to new ad channels and solutions.


Digital Marketing: The Modern Business’s Key to Post-Pandemic Survival

The internet has never stopped evolving, and people today spend more time online than ever before. While commerce remains a major aspect of modern society, the last few decades have radically changed the way businesses and consumers interact. Thanks to rapid advancements in both computers and smartphones, companies have been forced to adapt to a customer base that prioritizes speed and convenience. Actual SEO Media, Inc., a Houston web marketing agency, explains why digital marketing is more critical for businesses than ever before—especially post-COVID.


Apple vs Right to Repair: Part 2!

Apple vs Right to Repair has taken a step in the right direction!


Wine Growers Canada launches the Right Amount, an innovative and interactive initiative to encourage safe and responsible consumption of wine

There is a common misconception that a glass of wine represents a standard drink of alcohol. The reality is that the alcohol content in wine can vary from less than 10% to over 20% alcohol by volume (ABV) and the pour size can vary significantly from 3oz to 9oz, or more. So what is the right amount of wine?



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