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One Degree Monday November 22 2021

3 ways Simple Traffic is helping businesses boost website traffic

Attention has shifted to digital spaces over the past couple of years. And as such, brands are looking to grow their online traffic. From investing in digital marketing strategies to developing websites that attract audiences, businesses are now putting their best foot forward to guarantee their position in their fields. With the growing need for online visibility, Simple Traffic has stepped in to help brands boost their website traffic, thereby converting leads and increasing sales.


Vaccine superheroes: Experts impressed with communications that target children

Whether using a video of Batman shadowing a public health professional or a picture of a purple cartoon character playing hockey, Canadian health units and science communication groups are trying to find ways to inspire young audiences to get the COVID-19 vaccine days before the country is expected to begin the next phase of its immunization drive.


A small restaurant chain in Canada is plowing all of its profits into bitcoin. Its returned 460% on its investment and is tripling locations during the pandemic

Tahinis is a family-based restaurant chain that along with its Middle Eastern cuisine serves this advice to small-business owners everywhere: Invest in bitcoin.


3 Reasons Why Being Controversial Actually Helps Your Business

In the world of business, a lot of time and energy is put into creating an image, managing reputation and crafting a narrative. It is important to get your message across in a positive, clear and understandable way, but there is also a place for controversy. An authentic brand voice sometimes means saying or doing things that not everyone will like, and that’s okay. In fact, its more than okay; done correctly it can be very profitable.



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