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One Degree Tuesday November 23 2021

Mastering the connection between strategy and culture

Ahmed Galal Ismail was impressed by the level of employee engagement in Majid al Futtaim Properties, the owner of the Mall of the Emirates—a huge shopping complex in Dubai that even boasts an indoor ski slope—when he started as CEO in late 2018. And he had big plans. Ismail wanted to build a company that delivered extraordinary customer experiences using its physical properties and digital platforms. He needed people who had the capabilities to anticipate customer expectations, rather than sit back and wait for customers to engage.


The 13 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing That Demand Your Attention

You see, once upon a time, video was an expensive medium. People with expensive equipment would have to record multiple takes of a scene on film, then edit by hand. Then, once the video was finished, it was relatively difficult to get it published. You typically had to pay a TV station for a commercial or infomercial. This meant that video marketing was, as a rule relatively limited.


5 Essential Enterprise SEO Trends To Watch In 2022

Over the last year, the role of enterprise SEO across every type of business and industry has become the number one area of focus.

As the most cost-effective way for people to discover products and services, SEO has also evolved to be a critical strategic channel that feeds insights into consumer behavior and customer intent across all areas of an enterprise.


Haunting soft synth has a visualizer that stares back

Love Hultén’s fondness for strange synthesizers has taken a new, more modern-looking turn. The artist has unveiled Synth#boi, a hybrid soft synth and “interactive visualizer” built with help from the designer Lirona. The blocky, austere art project translates input from a MIDI keyboard to an Intel NUC PC with an S-Engine MKII sound module, a circular display and an eerie humanoid visualizer. The more you play, the more the ‘person’ in the visualizer lights up — it’s as if the device is staring back at you and judging your performance.


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