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One Degree Friday November 26 2021

50 Key Stats About Freedom of the Internet Around the World

Almost every part of our everyday lives is closely connected to the internet – we depend on it for communication, entertainment, information, running our households, even running our cars.

Not everyone in the world has access to the same features and content on the internet, though, with some governments imposing restrictions on what you can do online. This severely limits internet freedom and, with it, the quality of life and other rights of the affected users.


Selling a Business: Why I Stopped Listening to What Other People Believe

A year ago, the world upended in the wake of Covid-19. I’d owned and operated my brick-and-mortar business for nearly four years, and within weeks had to shut its doors to the public. Like so many small companies, we scrambled to find a way to continue serving customers without foot traffic.



In 2007, in one of the first episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy Fieri visited Patrick’s Roadhouse, a railway-station-turned-restaurant in Santa Monica, California. The diner’s chef, Silvio Moreira, walked Fieri through the preparation of one of Patrick’s most notable dishes, the Rockefeller—a burger topped with mushrooms, sour cream, jack cheese, and … caviar. Fieri, looking playfully trepidatious, lifted the burger with both hands, said a fake prayer, and did what he would proceed to do thousands of times on the show: He took an enormous bite. And then he fell silent. “Wooow,” he commented, finally, shooting Moreira a what-have-you-done-to-me look.


Netflix, Spotify unveil ‘Netflix Hub’

Netflix is teaming up with Spotify to create a “Netflix Hub” on the music streaming service’s app, offering a home for music and podcasts tied to Netflix TV shows and movies. Available to users across the globe, the hub offers soundtracks and playlists from fan favorites including “Stranger Things,” “Squid Game” and more. It also features podcasts, such as “The Crown: The Official Podcast,” which delve into popular series. This is Netflix and Spotify’s latest venture; the companies have worked together on official playlists in the past.


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