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One Degree Thursday November 25 2021

Amazon, Apple face antitrust fines

Italy’s antitrust authority has slapped Amazon and Apple with fines totaling more than 200 million euros, or more than US$225 million, for “cooperating to restrict competition” in the sale of Apple and Beats products. An arrangement between the two tech giants allegedly blocked some resellers from accessing the Amazon Italy marketplace in violation of European Union rules. Antitrust pressure has mounted against Big Tech in recent years — Amazon and Apple currently also face ongoing investigations in Spain and Germany.


See the future and gain a competitive edge. 

Disruption has ensued since the dawn of the digital era — but it exploded in intensity and breadth starting in 2020.

As we move into 2022, the pandemic persists, and the demands of customers — for seamless cross-channel experiences, convenience, reassurance, and commitment to ESG values — are only growing stronger.


Ontario police warn young people and parents about social media challenge

Ontario Provincial Police are hoping to raise awareness about a new social media challenge they say has gone too far. They’re warning young people who are partaking in the trend that they could end up in trouble with the law. Brittany Rosen has more.


What the metaverse could mean for retailers

With a rebranding strategy and a complete name change, Facebook Inc. has converted to Meta and introduced us to their version of a new “parallel universe” they are developing called the Metaverse.


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