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One Degree Thursday December 2 2021

Sponsorship Scandal (Adscam)

After a razor-thin majority voted in the 1995 Quebec Referendum for Quebec to stay in Canada, the Liberal government of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien responded with various initiatives to promote federalism in the province. A sponsorship program began in 1996. Public money was directed from the Department of Public Works and Government Services to private advertising agencies to promote Canada and the federal government at cultural, community and sports events in Quebec. The media began questioning the spending and handling of these contracts. Two auditor general reports and a public inquiry revealed that ad agency executives and Liberal Party officials had corruptly handled more than $300 million; $100 million of which was funnelled from the government to the Liberal Party. Five people were found guilty of fraud. Along with several other issues, the scandal helped lead to the government of Chrétien’s successor, Paul Martin, being reduced to a minority in 2004.


The 21 Best Twitter Tools for Marketing

For many years, Twitter has been an excellent tool for marketers. After all, it’s older than many of the other networks. But more importantly, Twitter is one of those places where people all over the world can broadcast their thoughts in a manner that’s largely uncensored. Sure, there are trust and safety rules, but political debates and all-out flame wars are common. As marketers, this is a great tool to leverage, as we put our client’s thoughts out there for everyone to see. Here are some of the best Twitter tools I’ve selected to help you improve your Twitter marketing.


The Impact of Google Continuous Scrolling on SEO

Google launched continuous scrolling for mobile search results in the U.S. to mirror the experience on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. With this new feature, users scroll through infinite results, automatically loading results beyond the initial page.


How to Create and Promote Podcasts on Facebook [Infographic]

Facebook has published a new guide on how to link and promote podcasts on its platform, via its recently added podcast tools, which are not available to all users as yet, but could, eventually, provide new opportunities for maximizing reach and community engagement.


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