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One Degree Tuesday December 14 2021

These heart-eyed delivery robots are being taken off the streets of Toronto

If you’ve strolled around the streets of Toronto in recent months, you might have seen tiny pink-coloured robots with hearts-eyes minding their business and heading to their destination.

Developed by a company called Tiny Mile, the pink machines are actually food delivering robots that are temporarily being taken off the road, owing to the fact that they may be hazardous for people with low vision and mobility.


7 Things That Speak to the Importance of Email Marketing Today

These days, email marketing seems to be everywhere. For instance, if you’ve bought something online lately then chances are they gave you a chance to sign up for emails. This is one of the older forms of email marketing, since it seeks to turn first-time customers into regulars. Yet even before Amazon and other online retail behemoths were cool, email marketing was already emerging as an important way to reach customers.


Roundup of Google updates from November 2021

With Blackfriday & Cyber Monday being two major online retailing moments in November, what better time for Google to have rolled out their core update?


Reddit Names Country Manager for Canada

RJ Pauloski joined Reddit as its first country manager for Canada, where the platform opened an office in March, in Toronto.


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