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One Degree Wednesday December 15 2021

Apple’s $4.99 Apple Music Voice Plan is available now

Apple released its latest iOS 15.2 update, which includes new safety features, App Privacy Reports, and most importantly, Apple Music’s new $4.99 Voice Plan.


Facebook Ads Strategy: 15 Powerful & Effective Strategies for 2022

These days, Facebook has made it nearly impossible for businesses to avoid paid advertising. After all, the organic feed is large excluding content from commercial pages. Unfortunately, this means that it’s tempting for businesses to abandon Facebook completely, rather than give in to the commercial pressures.


The 10 Best Bulk Email Providers for 2021

Email is still an incredibly valuable tool for salespeople, marketers, and business owners. This is true no matter the industry you are in. In fact, there are over 3.9 billion email users. And that number is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023.


A roadmap for digital leadership

Companies continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 in everything from staffing issues, and supply chain disruption, to collaboration and cybersecurity. Some are stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide, yet others – according to a new SAP Canada study conducted in partnership with IDC Canada – are well on their way to becoming intelligent enterprises and are poised to emerge from the pandemic with strength and resilience.


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