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One Degree Thursday December 16 2021

How to improve campaign quality in a digital-first world

While most marketers know crafting high-quality campaigns should be a top priority, many struggle to find that sweet spot between value and efficiency. This is particularly difficult for brands seeking to adapt to a digital-first world.


Tough Mobility Curbs in Canada Due to Growing Omicron Concerns

Canada is predicted to toughen its travel restrictions to international borders and announce new measures on 15th December 2021 to avoid the spread of the omicron variant. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a 90-minute telephonic meeting with the premiers regarding the new non-essential mobility restrictions on Tuesday.


Dye & Durham buys TELUS Financial Services for $500 million as part of acquisition strategy

Legal tech player Dye & Durham’s recent $500 million deal to buy TELUS Financial Solutions was driven in part by a desire to take in-house a valuable tool it already uses to connect lawyers with seamless methods of receiving mortgage instructions and discharging mortgages, says the company’s Chief Commercial Officer John Robinson.


Trump social media company partners with Canadian video platform, Rumble

Former U.S. President Donald Trump‘s social media venture said on Tuesday it has entered into a technology and cloud-services agreement with Canadian video platform Rumble Inc.




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