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One Degree Friday December 17 2021

Better management through anthropology

The next time you hear someone arguing that a liberal arts education is wasted on businesspeople, direct them to Gillian Tett’s Anthro-Vision. In this new book, the award-winning journalist, chair of the Financial Times’s US editorial board, and Cambridge Ph.D. in social anthropology makes a compelling, readable argument for the business value of her academic discipline. Tett finds that this value is delivered in three ways: anthropology makes the strange familiar, it makes the familiar strange, and it attunes awareness when listening for social silence.


The metaverse is shaping up to be a racist hellscape. It doesn’t have to be that way

Marginalized people often suffer the most harm from unintended consequences of new technologies. For example, the algorithms that automatically make decisions about who gets to see what content, or how images are interpreted, suffer from racial and gender biases. People who have multiple marginalized identities, such as being Black and disabled, are even more at risk than those with a single marginalized identity.


Apple is delaying its return to offices indefinitely and giving each employee $1,000

Apple will delay bringing its workers back to the office until a “yet to be determined” date, while giving all of its corporate and retail employees $1,000 to buy equipment for their home offices.


Canadian employers more pessimistic about growth

Businesses in Canada are not predicting a return to pre-COVID-19 profits until at least November 2022, which is much less optimistic than other countries.


Sales Skills: How to Write a Follow Up Email

It’s time to stop writing emails to your prospects just to “follow up” and “touch base” (examples: “Following up after our demonstration”, “Following up after our call”, “Following up after your voicemail”). Following up is a given in sales, and it should never be the main point of your email.


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