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One Degree Monday January 10 2022

Digital or decline: Covid-19 has accelerated the need for digital strategy

Covid-19 hit the travel industry harder than almost any other industry, and the pandemic has also revealed the need to invest in an online digital strategy. Covid-19 presented an unprecedented challenge to the travel industry. However, Covid-19 has been a temporary setback to online travel and long-term, the impact could be beneficial.


3 Email Marketing Trends to Help You Kickstart 2022

Email has become the preferred way for people to stay informed about the brands and products they care about. However, the email marketers who enjoy the most success are the ones who adapt to the times.


6 Reasons Infographics Can Help Your Content Strategy

It wasn’t that long ago that Infographics were the “It” tool for public relations and marketing – until they weren’t. To understand why infographics should still be a viable campaign strategy for clients, we need to understand the history behind them.


It’s estimated that over the next decade, Canada’s mining and metals industry will require around 100,000 new hires to account for both an increase in retirees and natural employee turnover. While an aging workforce continues to be the dominant player in driving the talent agenda, there are a number of other contributing forces. For one, the global talent shortage, compounded by the effects of Covid-19 — coupled with more flexible and disperse working options, are resulting in a competitive market for job seekers.


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