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One Degree Wednesday January 12 2022

Your people want purpose. Take these 3 steps to define your ‘why’

In the early days of a company, or when just starting out as a team lead, it’s easier to stay focused on the main problem you’re trying to solve. But when you start to scale and grow your business and/or teams, perspectives become more diverse and problems become increasingly complex. No matter the size of your company, as a leader you have two choices as you set the direction: You can either micromanage your team (which I don’t recommend), or you can help them understand your “why.”


Influencer Marketing: 10 trends to watch in 2022

Influencer marketing has become a critical element of brand marketing. In 2021, NATIONAL conducted dozens of influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients, working with more than 300 content creators across Canada.


Google says Apple ‘should not benefit from bullying’ created by iMessage lock-in

Google has accused Apple of benefiting from bullying as part of a deliberate strategy to make Android users into second-class citizens on the iPhone-maker’s iMessage service.


Why is situational advertising becoming more popular?

Today, the phrase Situational advertising covers a variety of online marketing strategies and tactics that make use of the real-time dynamic to affect consumer behaviour. These strategies may take the form of videos, emails, television, physical media, coupons, and text advertisements in stores. This type of marketing is used by companies for different reasons; sometimes it may include brand building as a way to become recognizable and popular. At other times, this type of marketing strategy is used to sell products or services by using the power of the internet.


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