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One Degree Monday January 17 2022

What are the digital marketing trends for 2022?

2022 is just beginning, Covid-19 is still present in our daily activities and one of its main lessons is that business and personal life can change suddenly. The challenge is great! Given this, it is best to be informed and prepared. As for the digital marketing, being one of the most changing industries, it is always pertinent to know the trends that will become important in the short term. Although all rankings have a bias, depending on who makes them, the following list can be useful for many marketing, sales and communication professionals.


How to Create the Perfect Social Media Strategy with Social Media Statistics and Trends You Cannot Miss in 2022

Creating your social media strategy is key to ensuring you will reach and engage your users. There are many factors involved in creating the perfect strategy and knowing the trends and statistics of your niche is critical for success.


Digital disruption: The rise of eB2B in fragmented retail

In fragmented retail (independent small grocers, restaurants, and bars), technology and e-commerce have fundamentally reshaped B2C business models and customer engagement—for example, through online ordering and delivery. However, digitally enabled business models have yet to have a similar impact on the B2B part of the value chain, which stretches from the consumer-goods manufacturer to the distributor and wholesaler and finally to the retailer (Exhibit 1). This segment has remained largely unchanged for decades.


Car Advertising Finally Goes Electric

If you watched NBC’s Monday Night Football in the fall, you might have seen a Hyundai ad called “Gas Card.” It goes like this: a dad gives his daughter a gas station gift card; she never uses it because she drives a plug-in hybrid Tucson from Hyundai; she gives the card back to him on his birthday. The style, as with the other spots in Hyundai’s campaign for its new electrified SUVs, will be familiar to any regular viewer of American television: A bit of light humor unfolds in some sunny place where yards are well-manicured, traffic is light, and neighbors are friendly.


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