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One Degree Monday January 24 2022

Passwords: The Statistics

Although many of us know the dangers of weak passwords, it doesn’t stop us from choosing them. We rely on passwords to protect some of our most sensitive information, from dates of birth and addresses, to security codes, and credit card data.


Digital literacy expert says misinformation creating challenge in educating kids (VIDEO)

Matthew Johnson, the director of education for MediaSmarts – Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy, said the world has changed “so much” that helping educate children on misinformation and how to recognize legitimate news is very challenging. He said parents can’t just tell kids what to believe, without trying to educate how to find out what is true and what is not.


TELUS is North America’s Fastest Mobile Network according to US-based Ookla

TELUS is proud to announce that our mobile network has earned the title of North America’s Fastest Mobile Network and for the ninth consecutive time, named Canada’s Fastest Mobile Network from Seattle-based Ookla®1. Ookla compared user-initiated tests from all the major mobile carriers in Canada to determine who showed the fastest mobile network speeds.


Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner hosting a free webcast, January 28, on children and youth in a digital world

Countries around the world will be celebrating Data Privacy Day on Friday, January 28, 2022, by highlighting the impact technology has on our privacy rights and the importance of valuing and protecting personal information.


Full stream ahead: Why TV’s shift to digital is an opportunity brands can’t miss

It’ll come as no shock that linear TV viewing is in steady decline and has been for some time. What’s more surprising is advertisers’ continued overreliance on this media channel. For marketers, it’s never been more important to embrace a digital-first approach. Recent data on viewing trends and how marketers can respond tells us why.



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