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One Degree Tuesday January 25 2022

Over 90 WordPress themes and plugins from AccessPress hacked, says report

WordPress admins who use any plugins or themes downloaded from AccessPress are being urged to take action after researchers discovered that backdoors were installed in many of the app maker’s products months ago.


Climate change is enhancing innovation in technology and services

The hybrid system – combining solar, wind, hydro supported by Gas – can generate round-the-clock power reliable power levels that are comparable to coal-fired plants[1]. This option is especially promising for a tropical country like India which experiences a good mix of bright sun and wind along its coasts.


Hi-tech fishing nets reduce by up to 95% the number of turtles and sharks being caught by accident

The technology also maintains catch rates for target species, allowing commercial fishing to carry on with far less environmental damage from ‘bycatch’ – the technical term for fish caught by mistake.


Incels are targeting the “next generation of extremists” online

Virtual schools and events due to the pandemic mean longer screen time for many young people, and experts fear that could make them more vulnerable to so-called “incels” that are targeting the “next generation of extremists” online. Algorithms on social media platforms and search engines make it easy to push extremist content to young people searching for things like “self-esteem for men.” Abigail Bimman has the story.


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