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One Degree Tuesday February 1 2022

Popular Browser Game ‘Wordle’ Sold to The New York Times, Will Remain Free ‘Initially’

The New York Times today announced that it has purchased popular web-based game “Wordle” for low-seven figures. Created by Josh Wardle, Wordle has gained millions of users over the past several months and has become well-known on the internet thanks to its simple score sharing features and straightforward gameplay.


Explore how your department can deliver better services

As we talked about in Exploring the conditions for digital service delivery, we’ve learned that delivering better digital services is a lot like gardening. You can plant as many flowers as you want, but if the conditions aren’t suitable for growth, the seeds won’t sprout and your garden won’t thrive.


Your work Gmail is about to look different

Google has announced that Gmail’s new layout, which changes how Google Chat, Meet, and Spaces are integrated, will be available to try starting in February; become default by April; and become the only option by the end of Q2 2022. The view makes it so Google’s other messaging tools, which are part of (but not necessarily limited to) its business-focused Workspace suite, are no longer just little windows floating alongside your emails, but get their own screens in Gmail that are accessible with large buttons on the left-hand side.


Apple now allows unlisted apps on the App Store

Apple has added a new feature for app developers that should prove useful for internal tools and other kinds of applications that are meant for a specific set of users but not for the wider world: unlisted apps.


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