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One Degree Wednesday February 2 2022

Want to make an impact? Change your questioning habits.

“Asking questions keeps people engaged, which is paramount when you are trying to influence someone’s thinking or behavior.” That’s the conclusion of a ten-year-old Harvard Business Review article by Chris Musselwhite and Tammie Plouffe. But the idea that leaders can have more impact by asking the right questions is much older. As early as 375 B.C., Plato emphasized the importance of teaching children how to ask and answer questions. That laid the foundation of a 2,400-year-old belief that not only are some questions more insightful than others, but some people are also more entitled to ask questions than others.


The Difference Between SEO, SEM & PPC

The digital marketing industry can be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with it, especially if they don’t know all the acronyms and platforms. When I first started in the paid search industry in 2008, I thought my friend who told me about JumpFly worked in “paperclip” marketing because she kept talking about pay-per-click. And I wondered how much marketing an agency could do for a single product like a paperclip.


ThinkOn: Providing Sovereign Cloud Solutions and Services That Meet the Needs of Canada’s Data

When Craig McLellan, the CEO of ThinkOn, founded the company in 2013, he had three core principles in mind. First: All of the company’s cloud computing services would be easy to understand and simple to deliver. Second: They would be transparently priced, with no hidden charges. Third: They would be secure and well supported.


How Samsung Reached New Audiences and Drove Sales with Youtube Ads | Case Study

At a time when seeing friends and family in person wasn’t easy, Samsung Canada decided to take a bold new approach to emphasize the message of “face-to-face connection”. They teamed up with Google Canada to launch a YouTube campaign that showcased how integrated hardware and software – the video chat capabilities of Google Duo, combined with the advanced video technology of Samsung’s Galaxy devices – can bring people together. By building their ads on YouTube with the help of Google, they were able to reach over 12.9 million Canadians who are non-Samsung users.


THINK WITH GOOGLE Has a New Home on YouTube

The promise of the internet is nearly as big as the internet itself. With endless knowledge at your fingertips and electrifying inspiration everywhere you look, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to build your own website — your own way.


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