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One Degree Thursday February 3 2022

Collabs and creative pairings open up new doors

Up for a Mushroom Truffle Daiquiri? How about a Pork Ramen Mezcal Margarita? Or a Pho Mango Bourbon Sour? If these sound to you like the creations of some ultra-hip mixologist, you would be partly right, except you won’t find them at any ultra-hip cocktail lounge. The drinks are part of a collaboration between a team of mixologists at Campbell’s, as well as agencies Leo Burnett and Proof, and are available as recipes on a microsite called Campbell’s Brothtails.


Apple Releases New Face ID With Mask Feature

On January 27th, some Apple users were surprised by an unexpected feature in the iOS 15.4 beta update. Customers with an iPhone 12 or newer device may be able to use face identification even when they’re wearing a mask.


Are you creative enough to be cryogenically frozen?

The Marketing Awards is launching a search for a subject worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ripped right out of science fiction – cryogenically freezing Canada’s top creative mind.

The stunt was conceived by Zulu Alpha Kilo to celebrate the show’s 100-year-long history. Established in 1922, The Marketing Awards is one of the longest-running advertising and design awards shows in the world, predating even the Cannes Lions.


How Crypto-Driven Digital Marketing Will Transform the Industry

With blockchain and crypto penetrating various business niches from healthcare to algorithmic trading and proving its utility, digital marketing is now making moves to adapt itself to the crypto world. Although only about 9% of large companies are committed to accepting crypto tokens in consumer transactions over the next few years, more will follow suit. Thus, it is important to understand how cryptocurrency will transform digital advertising.


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