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One Degree Thursday February 10 2022

55 years of McDonald’s Canada leading the way

It’s a coincidence that a brand as American as McDonald’s should arrive on our shores at the most Canadian of moments: our centennial year, 1967. As George Cohon, McDonald’s Canada founder, put it: “We didn’t know a soul, we didn’t have much money and people didn’t know who we were. McDonald’s then was far from being the household word it is today.”


The Top 42 Video Marketing Statistics for 2022

As we review the video marketing statistics below, you will see that video is a marketing tool that you cannot ignore if you want to market online.


Peloton replaces CEO and lays off 2,800 people as once-hyped stock continues downhill ride

The co-founder of Peloton is stepping down as chief executive after an extended streak of tumult at the exercise and treadmill company, which will also cut almost 3,000 jobs.


17 Free SEO Tools For Site Audits

It takes the assistance of technology to analyze data, conduct research, validate code, and conduct other SEO site audit checks at scale.


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