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One Degree Monday February 14 2022

Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ Explores The “Freedom Convoy” Awakening And Whoopi Goldberg’s Exile

Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO this Friday was about waking up to various scenarios and recognizing the hypocrisy around us. Throughout the show, Maher and guests explored why we don’t take to the streets more to right the wrongs of society.


Why this Calgary coffee shop is becoming a hub for social media creators to work and gather

A Calgary coffee shop that caters to “creators” — like photographers, vloggers and those with a social media presence — has become a meetup spot for virtual workers.


How to Analyze Website with Free SEO Audit Tool

Free SEO audit tools are quite useful for analyzing websites and the contents. A variety of factors influence a website’s ranking.


Government of Canada announces funding recipients that will help prepare millions of students for the digital world

Canada needs a workforce that is strong in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and capable of taking on challenges to compete in the digital economy. To make sure the next generation of young Canadians can thrive in that digital reality, the Government of Canada is supporting millions of students in improving their digital skills.


Every Apple product coming in 2022: What to expect and when to expect it

2022 may be off to a slow start—the Black Unity Braided Solo Loop Watch Band notwithstanding—but Apple won’t be quiet for long. Rumors say that Apple’s first event of 2022 will be in early March, which will kick off one of the busiest years in Apple’s history. Here’s everything we expect Apple to release in 2022 and our best guesses as to when they’ll arrive:


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