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One Degree Thursday February 17 2022

It’s Hard to Make It as a Canadian Fashion Brand— These Designers Are Using Social Media to Help

When Lil Huddy posted a photo of himself wearing a pair of Unknown Articles black suede Chelsea boots on Instagram, flashing them to his 12 million followers, the founders of the small Canadian footwear company were somewhat shocked. “We don’t really know how he found them,” says Cameron James, who co-created Toronto-based Unknown Articles with David Brown in 2019.


The Top 21 Twitter User Statistics for 2022 to Guide Your Marketing Strategy

Ask me what social network I recommend to B2C companies, and it would be Facebook and/or Instagram followed by Pinterest and/or Twitter. For B2B businesses, it would be LinkedIn followed by Twitter or Facebook. Clearly it’s easy to lose site of Twitter for marketing amongst newer and sexier rivals. But as a 2nd or 3rd social network for A/B testing, I will always recommend it as an option. I hope after checking out these Twitter user statistics, you will also see why and how you can use Twitter in your B2B marketers efforts.


Meta crowns Nick Clegg president of tilting at regulatory headwinds

Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister of the U.K., has been elevated to new heights at Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook — under a new title of president of global affairs in its senior management team.


Lay’s is bringing joy to Chinese Canadian shoppers

Spurred by the popularity of chips with Indian flavour profiles – Magic Masala and Cream & Onion – that it has previously tested, the CPG is making overtures to the Chinese Canadian consumer, adding Cucumber and Chicken & Tomato flavoured chips to its full-time lineup.



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