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Where should you work: a startup or a corporate company? Here’s how to decide.

When you’re faced with making a decision between two jobs, it can be between a promising startup or an established corporation. There are many advantages to each option, but how do you choose between them? We’ve covered this and more below to help you find your fit whether it be at a startup or a corporation.

Signs you might be right for a startup

Think a startup job might be for you? Check out these signs that you should work at a startup and see if they apply to you.

  • You like to learn and do new things
  • You prefer flexible working hours
  • You like the idea of high risk, high reward
  • You prefer a smaller team of coworkers
  • You like the idea of high-value equity pre-IPO
  • You want to make fast career progression

Signs a corporation is a better fit

Conversely, some characteristics may make you a better fit for a corporate company. Read the signs below to find out.

  • You like stability and structure
  • You prefer roles to be defined and organized
  • You would like to have a mentor or role model
  • You’re looking to specialize in specific skills
  • You prefer a stable salary and benefits package
  • You’re okay with long-term projects that take longer to implement

While startups offer access to potentially high-value pre-IPO equity, some prefer the stability of a corporate job. No one is better than the other: it’s all about fit. If you’re looking for flexibility and fast career growth, a startup might be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you’ve bounced around different companies and prefer the long-term stability of a corporate job, that’s also understandable. Still trying to decide between the two? Check out this flowchart from AngelList that can help you make the best decision for your career.

[Infographic download link]

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