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One Degree Friday March 4 2022

Apple officially announces ‘Peek Performance’ March 8th event

Apple will be holding its next event online on March 8th, the company announced today with an invite featuring the “peek performance” tagline, and multicolored Apple logo that could hint at the colors of new devices.


Canada needs another minister of digital government

Even if the role carried little relevant decision-making power at its inception, it is not difficult envisioning a role like minister of digital government developing into a more substantive position over time under prudent leadership.


Canadian Bankers Voice Support for Federated National Digital Identity Scheme

The Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) is advocating for the creation of a federated digital identity scheme in Canada. The organization is trying to answer the call of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has previously argued that banks and financial institutions should spearhead digital identity efforts.


2022 Digital Marketing Trends See Small Businesses Capitalizing on Social Media

Top Design Firms, a top resource for buyers looking to find the right service providers, conducted in-depth research and found that the main digital marketing goal of small businesses is expanding their brand awareness (19%) or generating more website traffic (19%).


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