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One Degree Wednesday March 23 2022

The best way to lead in uncertain times may be to throw out the playbook

In 1993, management theorists Steve Haeckel and Richard Nolan introduced to the business world a concept borrowed from cellular biology, “sensing-responding-adapting.” The idea behind their framework was simple: the introduction of information technology had allowed companies to be more flexible and responsive to changing customer needs and market conditions, which led to a new means of developing strategy. Almost 30 years later, as COVID-19 sent shock waves through global economies, companies revived the sense-respond-adapt playbook as they attempted to evolve faster than the virus.


Feeling unsafe at the local bar? Ask for the ‘Island shot’

he P.E.I. Rape and Sexual Assault Centre has launched a new campaign to help Islanders feel safer when going out for a drink with friends.


TECHNATION Brings Forward-Looking Roadmap to Ottawa

TECHNATION, Canada’s national technology industry association, along with leading-edge tech leaders from across Canada, is hosting its annual Hill Days this week to advance the industry’s forward-looking roadmap with the federal government. In October 2021, TECHNATION released its Roadmap for Sustained Growth in Canada’s Tech Sector with clear recommendations for key government officials including technology adoption, skills and talent development, public sector digital transformation, and cybersecurity.


Is your business ahead of the digital curve?

If the past two years have shown us anything, it’s brands that were ahead of the curve reaped the rewards. Many executives are now aware of the benefits that digital strategies will bring to their business, but some were not prepared to react quick enough and were left exposed. Unfortunately, there are still some organizations who believe it’s something they could do, rather than must do. Gyles Marshall, commercial director at Rawnet, suggests some options.

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