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One Degree Thursday March 31 2022

Social media explodes during Oscars; TV viewership doesn’t

Will Smith’s violent slap of Chris Rock at the Academy Awards appeared to have a negligible impact on the show’s television audience. But the world of social media is a much different story.


Social media might be bad for teens’ mental health at certain age windows

Social media use is more strongly linked to bad mental health for adolescents and teenagers during years around puberty and when they’re probably about to leave home, according to a new study. Teenagers who used social media more frequently in those periods scored lower on measures of life satisfaction one year later.


Rogers claims Canada first with SA 5G launch

Canadian operator Rogers Communications unveiled what it described as the country’s first commercial standalone (SA) 5G network, highlighting immediate advantages in terms of coverage and scalability alongside the opportunity to introduce new use cases.


Canadian crypto industry launches Web3 council and push for regulation

Some of Canada’s leaders in the blockchain sector have launched a non-profit association aimed at moving the needle on regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


Technology Innovations Aim to Change Our Future

We all are aware of technology and the happening innovation every day. It is a sign that we are evolving. The tech advancements we see are the efforts of several researchers, scientists, and inventors who have put their brains to proper use. Today, when we sit and book airfare from our smartphones in our bedrooms or play games on online casinos, we must thank these creators.


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