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One Degree Monday April 4 2022

5 reasons why PMO’s fail

Many organisations now run an annual change budget. This means that it is very common for the majority of change projects to mobilise in the first quarter (Q1) of the year. This in turn means that this is the time that many PMO’s that are dedicated to support the change activities are formed.


The most misused and abused marketing buzz words

On a daily basis, I hear marketing buzz words bantered about and it becomes obvious people say them and don’t really even know what they mean. I think people use sacred marketing words like relevant, equity or insights because they figure no one will challenge them. Of course, everyone puts “strategic thinker” on their Linked In profile. The problem I see is that a generation of Brand Leaders have not been properly trained and it’s starting to show.


Top Tips for Job Hunting in the Social Media Era

In years since the networking and recruitment tool has grown ever more sophisticated. Aside from being able to share a widening array of content, its ability to help employers and candidates find one another has grown significantly.


Social media is too important to public discourse to let Facebook call the shots

It sounds like something out of a bad Hollywood movie. But as recently revealed by the Washington Post, Facebook has been paying a Republican consulting firm to seed negative stories about its competitor TikTok.


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