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One Degree Friday April 8 2022

Canadian vaccine ads were funded by hundreds of companies

Look for your local government, bank, entertainment source, hockey team, media outlet, car manufacturer, airport, phone provider or utility provider in the list of vaccine advertisement funders – there’s a good chance it’s listed.


Google to build cable across Pacific Ocean to connect Canada and Asia

Google has introduced a new cable that will connect Canada with the continent of Asia. Topaz is a subsea cable that will run through Vancouver and Port Alberni B.C. to Mie and Ibaraki in Japan.


Federal government tables bill to support news media

The federal government has introduced a bill aimed at ensuring fair compensation for news media and the sustainability of local news.


Twitter’s Changed the Way Tweet Embeds Look When the Source Tweet Has Been Removed

This is definitely worth checking if you use tweet embeds on your site. As part of a recent update, Twitter has altered the way that deleted tweets appear when embedded on third party sites, with removed content now showing up like this on your pages:


Go beyond the search box: Introducing multisearch

How many times have you tried to find the perfect piece of clothing, a tutorial to recreate nail art or even instructions on how to take care of a plant someone gifted you — but you didn’t have all the words to describe what you were looking for?


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