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Monday April 18 2022 – Interruption


We will be back Tuesday “God willing and the creek don’t rise.”

We have been experiencing, for a day and a half so far, some extreme weirdness with our internet supplier TELUS.

On the phone with them today and no one knows what’s going on?  Net/net we cannot access the server where One Degree resides nor the back end of One Degree. Well truth be told, we cannot access the front end either! You can see it… colleagues can see it and if I am NOT on my TELUS network I can see it.

However, I do not have the ability to prep a Daily Briefing without access to this site. Each post takes a while.

So I am taking tomorrow, Monday … off.

Hopefully, TELUS will get it back up and running and offer a suitable explanation why my server is being blocked?

Stay tuned. Have a great Monday!

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