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One Degree Monday April 25 2022

The power of optimism in the workplace

Is it a “glass-half-full” person who expects good outcomes? Is it a person who, as Winston Churchill once said, “sees the opportunity in every difficulty”? I think an optimist believes tomorrow can be better than today—and they take an active role in making it so.


Will this Canadian funding program help your company with digital transformation?

Recent history is littered with once-formidable brands that vanished as new digital technologies took root, replacing them.

Thinking back, I’m reminded of Kodak, Blockbuster and so many other legacy businesses that went bankrupt as competitors used tech and digital-first business models to advance product development — as well as improve delivery and capture market share.


Canadian companies embrace the Sustainable IT Pledge

On this Earth Day, there’s a group of new signatories to the Sustainable IT Pledge, a commitment by Canadian organizations to cut emissions from their IT operations.


Apple App Store appears to be widely removing outdated apps

Apple may be cracking down on apps that no longer receive updates. In a screenshotted email sent to affected developers, titled “App Improvement Notice,” Apple warns it will remove apps from the App Store that haven’t been “updated in a significant amount of time” and gives developers just 30 days to update them.


Twitter joins Google in blocking ads that deny climate change

Twitter says it will no longer allow advertisers on its site who deny the scientific consensus on climate change, echoing a policy already in place at Google.


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