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One Degree Tuesday April 26 2022

New job? Don’t wait to set boundaries

hen you start a new job, setting boundaries from day one is important. Failing to do so, in an effort to “prove yourself,” can leave you exhausted and spread thin, writes executive coach Melody Wilding in Harvard Business Review.


The 15 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools (2022)

Whether you have social media accounts for one brand or many, the process of posting regularly can quickly get overwhelming. This isn’t surprising, since most social media managers must also create the content and oversee the strategy. If your brand has a profile on many social media sites, then this problem develops even faster.


Google Search launching Signed Exchanges for desktop users

In the coming weeks, Google will be launching Signed Exchanges in Google Search for desktop users. This primarily impacts sites that utilities dynamic serving with the vary user-agent header but should not impact sites using responsive web design or separate mobile and desktop URLs.


Mednow urges Canadians to consider a digital pharmacist

Toronto-based digital pharmacy Mednow has launched its first national campaign to build awareness of its brand and coax Canadians who might be wary of digital pharmacies to switch from more traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses.


“There is no digital strategy without data and no big decisions without good data”

Daniel Vargas: I am the Data Protection Officer and Digital Counsel for L’Oréal Latin America. The L’Oréal Latin America Zone includes Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, in additional to Central America.


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