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One Degree Tuesday May 10 2022

Fewer Canadians trust big tech companies like Twitter and Google: Index

Twitter was Canada’ least trusted brand before Elon Musk had any designs on owning it, and University of Victoria business dean Saul Klein doubts the billionaire’s imminent takeover of the social-media platform helps it.


Rogers, Shaw face fight to save big-money deal

Canadian operators Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications vowed to battle attempts by the country’s competition commissioner to block a merger plan, after revealing the authority intended to move against the deal.


17 Smart Ways How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Social media has been cool for over twenty years now. Although it started mainly as a way to network and keep in touch with family and friends, nowadays social media is an important place to do business. This is true for content creators and “offline” businesses alike. Advertising or distributing content on YouTube, in particular, has become very popular and highly effective. And in turn, it’s critical to know how to get subscribers on YouTube.


How AI is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

AI is a tool that can be used to help organizations accomplish certain tasks more efficiently. For example, AI might be used to automatically fill out forms or answer customer service inquiries.


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