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One Degree Friday May 13 2022

TikTok Announces First ‘For You’ Summit in Canada

TikTok is holding its first-ever ‘For You’ Summit in Canada next month, with Canadian creators and advertisers invited to come along and learn the latest insights and trends, in-person, at an actual, real-life meet-up event.


How much money nano, micro, and macro influencers earn per post

Influencer marketing is one of the most lucrative ways for creators to monetize, with some earning a six-figure income — or more — from partnering with brands to advertise their products.


The 7 principles of authentic social media

Corey Perlman believes consumers do business with people, not brands. Therefore, the social media expert and consultant suggests credit unions give consumers a look behind the curtain by using their community, culture, members, and employees to foster social media engagement.


5 Principles of Online Marketing in a Cookie-less World

According to Natalie Drucker, online marketing is changing. As an industry, digital sellers must start moving away from dark design patterns and over-collecting data.


Digital transformation brings Junior Achievement to the next leve

When the Covid-19 pandemic closed classrooms, Junior Achievement’s ability to engage students and deliver programming in schools came to a halt.


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