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One Degree Tuesday May 17 2022

Getting and staying motivated

In the early years of the last century, Hanoi had a rat problem. To solve it, the French colonial government placed a one-cent bounty on the rodents, which could be claimed by anyone who delivered a rat’s tail. Thousands of tails were tendered, but Hanoi’s rat population didn’t shrink. Instead, tailless rats were running through streets, and rat farms were discovered. To make money selling rats’ tails, you need lots of rats breeding more rats. The moral of the story: be careful which behaviors you reward.


With Twitter deal on hold, Musk says a lower sale price isn’t ‘out of the question’

Billionaire Elon Musk is continuing to clash with Twitter over the accuracy of its bot count, and hinted today that he may try to renegotiate the $44 billion deal. Musk told attendees at a Miami conference that a deal at a lower price wasn’t “out of the question,” reported Bloomberg. Musk’s potential bid for a lower price is an unexpected twist, given that the SpaceX exec agreed to pay a 38 percent premium on Twitter when he reached a deal with the company’s board back in April.


The return of in-person conferences: developing an agile event strategy

For two years, technology marketers and conference organizers optimistically budgeted for the return of in-person events, only to find themselves shifting plans on the fly. Now, as the summer conference season kicks off, some uncertainty lingers. Even as travel restrictions and mask mandates are lifted in regions around the world, the continued emergence of COVID-19 variants is just one of the risk factors impacting technology marketers’ plans for in-person conferences, events and tradeshows in 2022.


How Does WordPress Work?

Chances are that you have already heard of WordPress. But what is WordPress? Simply put, WordPress is web software that you can use to create your own website or blog. Since it was released in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms, and today it powers more than 70 million websites. Because it is built on industry standard php and mySQL, the WordPress hosting platform can run on just about any modern server.


Understanding current cybersecurity challenges in law: digital governance and social responsibility meet user-generated content (Article 2)

Digital governance refers to the strategic management of a governing body or corporation, over that which is connected to their position and function online – including the impacts of their actions in that position.


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