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One Degree Thursday May 19 2022

A Quick Guide to Creating a Digital Storytelling Strategy

Find out how you can create a digital storytelling strategy to harness innovation, tap into skill sets, and better engage your audience.


Tools and Tips to Analyze your Competitors Blogs

They say to always keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That’s an important lesson I learned while building my app, NinjaOutreach. If I wanted to beat the competition, I had to know them well. There’s a lot you can learn from your competitors. You learn their wins, you learn their losses.


Canadians in the dark about how their data is collected and used, report finds

A new report says digital technology has become so widespread at such a rapid pace that Canadians have little idea what information is being collected about them or how it is used.


Alphabet, Netflix, Meta tempt Canada as source of cash to fund cultural content

Canada is walking a narrow path in regulating global technology giants, seeking a cut of company profits rather than trying to curb their market dominance.


The state of Digital ID in Canada

Digital ID is coming to Canada, bringing with it a host of questions and even some concerns from privacy advocates. Many provinces, and the federal government, have launched Digital ID initiatives to simplify and secure access to government services. They regard Digital ID as an essential part of transforming service delivery in the digital era.


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