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One Degree Friday May 20 2022

Inside the smell-o-verse: Meet the companies trying to bring scent to the metaverse

Inside San Francisco’s Museum of Craft and Design, a long hallway painted eggshell blue is lined with the most extraordinary devices. A glass globe that uses trained bees to detect the presence of disease in a person’s exhalations. An Alexa-esque diffuser that emits fragrances at timed intervals to encourage people with dementia to eat. A USB-powered silver necklace that gives off a scent—fragrances include “fascinate,” “annihilate,” and “carouse”—when its wearer’s heart rate tops 110 beats per minute. All the items are here as part of Living With Scents, the museum’s first olfactory exhibit.


How to Choose the Best Rural Internet Provider in Canada 2022

Canada’s geography, like its citizens, is proudly diverse. Cellular networks provide connectivity to nearly every Canadian, but broadband internet connections are another matter. One in six Canadians lives in rural areas where fibre optic cable installations are prohibitively expensive. Rural internet providers offer these remote customers unique solutions that deliver reliable connectivity.


Apple introduces new professional training to support growing IT workforce

Demand for skilled support and technical staff within the enterprise is growing, with jobs in computer and information systems in particular projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations from 2020 to 2030.1 As companies expand their use of technology, employees are demanding to use iPhone, iPad, and Mac at work, resulting in an increased need for IT professionals skilled in supporting and managing Apple products.


Canadian CIO outlines strategy with digital ID focus

anada’s chief information officer (CIO) says she is looking to refresh the country’s digital strategy with major reforms, one being a heavy emphasis on digital identity.


Solving human and societal challenges – the real drivers behind innovation

The pace of technology innovation is growing ever faster, and we are starting to see wider adoption and applications for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing. But innovation has to have a rationale. Above all, we need to identify and understand the purpose behind these developments and address what innovation will deliver for both society and humanity. These are the key drivers behind Fujitsu’s technology vision and are core to our ethos.


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