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One Degree Tuesday May 24 2022

The Top 10 Social Media Sites & Platforms 2022

The Digital 2022 April Global Statshot Report found that there are 4.65 billion social media users on the planet. That’s 58.7% of the global population, many of whom are using social media as a primary source of information.


Small Marketing Budget? 14 Cost-Effective Approaches To PR And Brand Strategy

No matter the size, every business can benefit from a good public relations and branding strategy. Of course, not every company can afford to spend the money it might take to launch a comprehensive PR and branding campaign.


How can companies become future-ready? 8 CEOs explain

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are integral to the global economic and social fabric. As such, it is important to understand how these companies can build resilience to external shocks, while also setting themselves up as generators of long-term value that benefits society at large.


The Social Media Economy Expands

One of the great maxims of our culture is that nothing stays the same. Trends are a part of life, whether it’s fashion, communications, or even architecture. People even talk about trends, especially as they impact everyday life. And, in the last couple of decades, social media trends have become a growing concern for consumers and marketers alike. In this article, we’ll look at the major trends we’re seeing this year. Hopefully, this will help to guide your decision-making.


Glut of social media posts, political divisiveness a challenge for content moderators

Leigh Adams has seen a steady rise of material for review since she began moderating user comments on websites roughly 14 years ago, but she says the volume only exploded in the last few years as the content’s nature became so divisive there’s only one word for it: “Bonkers.”


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