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One Degree Thursday June 9 2022

Twitter agrees to pay $150M for breaking privacy promises

Twitter has agreed to pay $150 million as part of a settlement with regulators over allegations that the social media company misrepresented the “security and privacy” of user data over several years.


Looks like Google’s cheaper Chromecast is becoming a reality

In January, Protocol revealed that Google was working on a cheaper Chromecast video streaming dongle that would top out at 1080p resolution, which could possibly be sold as the “Chromecast HD with Google TV.”


Digital Marketing And Your Law Firm: What To Know

Digital marketing can be a very important part of any business. The legal industry is immensely competitive with law firms having larger budgets than most businesses. Investing in digital marketing is not something that you can do once and expect the impacts to last for years. A monthly investment in digital marketing is imperative when competitors are dedicating their focus to online lead generation.


New features available with iOS 16.

iOS 16 enhances iPhone with all‑new personalization features, deeper intelligence, and seamless ways to communicate and share.


It’s Time To Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

You might well spend a lot of time scrolling through social media feeds—but have you checked the state of your own profile pages lately? From Twitter to Slack, these profiles tell the rest of the world (or the office) about you, and it’s important that they’re consistent, up to date, and showing you in your best light.


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