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One Degree Friday June 17 2022

2022 Marketing Awards: Zulu, Rethink, Wunderman Thompson win Best of Shows

Zulu Alpha Kilo was the big winner at Wednesday’s 100th Marketing Awards, taking home two Best of Show wins.

But Rethink and Wunderman Thompson also had a lot to be happy about, as did a number of other agencies that received special recognition from this year’s juries.


Netflix Canada Won’t ‘Upend’ Local Budgets, Has Greenlighting Power and Still Wants to Partner With Canadian Broadcasters

That message was loud and clear on the final day of the Banff World Media Festival, where the streaming service has been at the heart of several tense conversations around the country’s rumbling drive to regulate digital platforms.


Elementor and Strattic unite to bring a new era of web development

Elementor, which has developed an open-source platform for web creators, has officially acquired Strattic, the world’s predominant WordPress static hosting solution.


Brand purpose is getting overlooked in loyalty programs

The latest Bond Loyalty Report reveals that membership enrollment and active memberships per person are holding steady, but loyalty cannot be forgotten when it comes to brand purpose if companies want to stand out.


What’s most needed from managers now

At the risk of generalizing, I find that managers typically fall into one of two camps—those who are most comfortable following a playbook that rarely changes, and those who relish the idea of writing a new one for their job. And in this era of endless disruption and ambiguity, the managers who will get ahead are the ones who see this time as an opportunity, not a headache.


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